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1. DEFINITION ‘Hirer’ means a person, firm, organisation or company contracting from GBJ Design for hire of equipment. ‘Conditions of hire’ means these conditions stated below. ‘Equipment’ means the equipment listed. ‘Interest rate’ means 4% above the base rate of Lloyds bank Plc from time to time. ‘The hire charge’ means the charge stated in the agreement for the hire of the equipment. ‘Hire Period’ means the period of hire time stated in the agreement. ‘Retention period’ means any period after the hire period and before all of the equipment is returned or collected. ‘Daily hire charge rate’ means the daily rate equating to the hire charge for the hire period payable by hirer.

2. CHARGES The hire charge is payable by the hirer on demand for the Hire Period. The hirer shall pay interest at the interest rate on any hire charge due to GBJ Design not paid within 7 days of demand. Failure to return the equipment at the end of the hire period will result in: -
• Additional days during which equipment is not available to be hired out by GBJ Design being charged at a daily rate
• The hirer indemnifying GBJ Design against damages cost claims and loses incurred by GBJ Design as result of the hirer failing to return the equipment at the end of the hire period.

3. HIRE PERIOD The hire period is stated in the agreement commencing and terminating unless otherwise stated at 12 noon on the first and last days of the hire period respectively.

4. HIRERS RESPONCIBILITIES The hirer shall take all necessary action to prevent damage to the equipment during the hire period. The hirer shall ensure that the equipment is assembled, dismantled and operated by persons having necessary training and qualifications and in such a way as to avoid damage to the equipment, other property or injury. No repairs are to be carried out by the hirer without consent of GBJ Design. The hirer shall service the equipment in accordance with any instruction from GBJ Design Any damage to the equipment shall forthwith be notified to GBJ Design before return is complete. Any damage to the property or injury to person caused by equipment shall forthwith be notified to GBJ Design as soon as possible The equipment shall not be moved from the place stated overleaf at which it is to be used except with prior consent from GBJ Design.

5. SUITABILITY FOR PURPOSE The hirer is solely responsible for ensuring that the equipment is suitable for the purpose of the hirer and is compatible with any equipment used by the hirer. This also includes equipment being used for external use.

6. LOSS AND DAMAGE The hirer shall pay GBJ Design the full replacement cost of any equipment lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged so as to be beyond economical repair during the hire period or any retention period. The hirer shall in addition to sums due in the above paragraph pay damages at the daily hire charge rate until equipment can be replaced. The hirer shall pay to GBJ Design costs incurred by GBJ Design in repairing any damage to the equipment occurring during the hire period. The hirer shall in addition to sums due in the above paragraph pay damages at the daily hire charge rate from the date the equipment is damaged until the equipment is fully repaired.

7. TERMINATION GBJ Design may immediately terminate this agreement without notice to the hirer if any of the following events occur: -
• The hirer shall fail to pay the hire charge when it falls due.
• The hirer shall be in breach of any of the Conditions of Hire.
• The hirer consents to GBJ Design entering any premises to recover the equipment after this agreement shall be terminated.




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